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Proper Grading

foundation inspector Houston TX
foundation with poor grading

Builders still don’t get it when it comes to proper grading!

The forms should be up higher up from grade and the rough grading should be properly done during construction phases to keep water from ponding around the foundation, which can possibly void the builders 10 year warranty.

Make sure the grade is even all around and slopes away from the foundation all though the construction phase, not just on final and has on final finished grade at minimum of a 6 inch slope away from the foundation in 10 feet.

Add a “Swale” for proper drainage in back and sides of lot and make sure at minimum you have at least 4 inches of exposed slab side walls with brick and 6 inches with siding, and 6 inches best 8 inches with stucco after obtaining final grade and grass.

post tension cables running under PCV plumbing

A disaster Awaits the future buyer if this is NOT Properly Corrected!

If this Post Tension slab is poured as builder says it is ready to, it will be a disaster for new home buyers as several deficient and non-code compliance issues exist! In this picture note that the cables are running beneath the PVC plumbing. After the pour these cables are tightened and could actually break the plumbing, now encased in concrete. Call InspectorTX at 281-558-4100 BEFORE you pour for an accurate timely report that could save you thousands of dollars when you are building your home.

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