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Blower Door Test

Houston Energy Efficiency Inspections Experts

We are THE Houston energy inspection experts providing infrared camera and blower door tests to the Greater Houston area.  As energy costs continue to rise, it has become extremely important to provide thermal solutions for your home that will result in energy savings for both cooling and heating. The fact is that most homes have areas where conditioned air, whether warmed or cooled, escapes causing air conditioning and heating systems to work longer and harder in order to maintain a desirable environment. This results in larger energy costs and shorter equipment life. It would be wise to consider a home energy audit to determine how these costs can be minimized. It would be a mistake to think this is a problem in older homes only. Many inspections performed on newly constructed homes have revealed significant energy losses due to poor or inadequate installation of appliances and windows as well as construction.

Comprehensive Energy Audit

The Energy Audit process is approached in two distinct ways; (1) determining areas resulting in the loss of energy and (2) an assessment of the home’s environmental factors. A typical Home Energy Audit would involve an inspection of the entire home focusing on those areas which typically are responsible for energy loss and gain. This would include, in part, an inspection of the heating/cooling system, associated duct work, leakage around windows and doors, protrusions through the home’s exterior, attic ventilation and many other areas too numerous to list here. In addition, at every room in the home, we take a series of specific measurements such as Relative Humidity, Ambient Temperatures, Dew points, and Return and Supply Air differentials and perform an analysis of this data to arrive at a clear picture of your home’s environment. With the data obtained during the process, we can formulate a clear and concise report with recommendations that you can use to start saving energy and become more comfortable in your home. Of course we utilize special equipment for these measurements which includes the use of Infrared Thermal Image Scanning and other vital Tools and Methods.

Infrared/Thermal Imaging

Seeing through walls allows us to discover potentially expensive problems that some inspectors simply don’t have access to.  We have the ability to look for gaps in insulation, excessive heat produced by electrical shorts in the electrical box, pipe leaks/moisture behind walls and many other risks.

Blower Door Testing

Openings or gaps in the seams of doors and windows could be costing you thousands of dollars per year. Call for a free phone consultation to find out more.

Author of Build Energy FFFREE Healthy Homes

I authored the industry standard book for energy efficiency in home and commercial construction.  This manual is used by inspectors all across the country.  My team and I also consult on new construction projects to help investors save thousands on yearly energy bills.

Make My Home More Energy Efficient

If you think your energy bills are high or have experienced a significant increase in your energy costs or remain generally uncomfortable in your home, please CONTACT US so that we may discuss your situation and set up an audit inspection.  You will receive a clearly written report with recommendations prioritized according to those issues having the greatest impact and a free annotated photo album of all deficiencies found during the inspection

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