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Why Have Asbestos Inspections?

Asbestos is a known carcinogen whose fibers can cause serious respiratory diseases, including lung cancer and mesothelioma. Asbestos was commonly used in thousands of construction materials from the 1940s to the 1970s as an effective and cost-efficient thermal and acoustic insulator for boilers, pipes, attics, siding, flooring and more. Since 1973, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has enacted several restrictions and management requirements for asbestos containing materials in order to reduce human exposure. Introduced by the EPA in 1989, the Asbestos Ban and Phase Out Rule sought to completely ban the use of asbestos product in the United States. In 1991, however, the ban was challenged and overturned.

Although tougher regulations on asbestos exist because of these actions, asbestos has yet to be banned in the United States. In fact, it is still legal to import today and can be used in common applications like drywall mud, floor tile, floor glue, and various types of insulation.

Asbestos is a proven risk

Asbestos fibers only pose a major risk when the material has been damaged over time or when a major demolition or renovation has the potential to disturb the asbestos containing materials. Bryon A. Parffrey can and will help property owners comply with EPA guidelines and reduce their liability exposure through solutions that identify, manage, and mitigate the risks associated with asbestos.

With the widespread use of asbestos in the past, the possible remaining amount still out there, and the continued use of asbestos in products today, asbestos inspections remain critically important. Schedule a certified asbestos inspection today to find out if the removal of regulated materials could delay your project or present a liability if disturbed. You cannot identify asbestos simply by looking at it. Plus, with asbestos being so common, readily available, and cheap, it is commonly used in literally thousands of building products. Asbestos is highly regulated, and the release and exposure of asbestos to employees or workers contracted to conduct projects carries high liability. Hire InspectorTX to examine your property, test samples, and provide an evaluation describing the location and extent of the damage.

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