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Commercial Inspection Services

If you are a business owner considering the purchase of a commercial property or an investor seeking to invest, we can help.  Commercial property inspections are similar in many ways to a home inspection in that all structural, electrical, plumbing, etc. are inspected. This is true whether the property is a retail outlet, warehouse, office building apartment complex or motel/hotel. However, when inspecting entities designed for commercial use that will require public ingress and egress, other items that address handicap accessibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act must also be considered. This would include parking, exits, wheel chair ramps and rest rooms to name a few. Depending upon the intended use of your property, this is a major consideration.

shopping center inspection

Shopping Center Inspections

We inspect shopping centers all across the Greater Houston area.  My team of experienced inspectors will help get the job done fast and right.

Apartment and Multi-Unit Inspections

We’ve done thousands of inspections and have the experience and know how to inspect your apartment building properly.  Multi-unit investors count on my team every day to protect the value of their property.

Electrical and HVAC Inspections

We will test the electrical panel and outlets for possible risks and problems. We will look at the breaker wiring and check for unusual humming and possible heat abnormalities produced by a more serious hazard.

You HVAC system is a very expensive piece of hardware.  Our experienced inspectors know what to look for and can give you a detailed report on the their findings and make recommendations. Call 281-782-7966 for more information.

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