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Bryon A, Parffrey/President

Hello, I am Bryon A. Parffrey. If you have any type of insect related issue you should put my years of experience and knowledge to work for you. Give me a call at 281- 782-7966 or email me at [email protected] and I will be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you have.

Certified master Inspector certifications

Termite/Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Services:

Our home inspectors are trained and licensed to inspect all visible and accessible areas of your home for evidence of wood destroying insect infestations.

We will look for:

  • Live insects
  • Dead insects
  • Insect shelter tubes and exit holes
  • Visible damage from wood destroying insects

After the termite/wood destroying insect inspection, we’ll deliver a detailed Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report, outlining our findings and recommendations. The Wood Destroying Insect Report (WDIR) is an official form commonly required by lenders to document current or past damage caused by wood destroying insects. It also informs homebuyers of conditions that may be conducive to future insect activity. We’ll make sure you understand the report and make recommendations to resolve any issues that we may find.

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