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Remarkable service. Accurate, professional and exactly what I was looking for

Bryon and his crew were pretty unbelievable. In entering this process, I wanted nothing more than to have someone as elaborate and attentive to detail as Bryon was. Since this was my first time purchasing a home, I had no clue on what to look for in a finished house or what to ask about during my walk through. Bryon was extremely helpful in this process because when he found issues, he didn’t just snap detailed photos of them, but he made sure to EDUCATE me on what he was looking at and why it was important that the builders fixed the issue at hand. I wanted to make sure I was getting every dollars worth I was investing in the house and that the builders weren’t cutting any corners just to get me to close. Bryon made me feel very comfortable and confident that he was on MY side and that he and his crew were going to do everything in their power to make sure the house was done RIGHT. Bryon and his crew left nothing off the list. I received an 83 page report with about 150+ pictures. Some may think this is excessive, but when you are preparing yourself to make one of the biggest purchases and investments of your life, I would want and expect nothing less. Thank you Bryon and your wonderful crew for your excellent customer service and support. I will NEVER EVER use anyone else AND I would recommend everyone to Bryon and his highly professional crew. Needless to say I had Bryon back for a re-inspection and if I ever need another inspection or any home advice whatsoever, I NOW know where to go.

Aja B.

Response from Bryon A. Parffrey Inspector, LLC

WOW Aja you two are awesome! Thank you. I have a passion for this business and I am so happy you diligently followed my report and got your builder to correct 80% of the items well done! Truly I am still at office typing away at the re-inspection report so get that LAST 20% not done and I have another 50 photos to share with you and your builder…. Excessive or not, I like my customers who wisely invest in me and my team to see what we see and make it easy to understand what’s wrong and trades to see your final work to hopefully get fixed right! Next house get us there for a PRE Pour Foundation Inspection and Frame before covered up. To your and yours thank you very much your review is so appreciated and now I think I will take the team out for ICE CREAM….. LOL. BUT after we finish this report for you. Lord Bless and thank you. BRYON A. PARFFREY, LLC. and