Looking for the Best, you’ve found him!

Looking for the Best, you’ve found him!

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When looking for an inspector there are various things to consider. Bryon makes inspecting a home a breeze. He is well rounded and able to assist in all home inspecting matters. I highly recommend him and encourage anyone to use him. FYI, I have used him for the last three homes I have purchased.

Samuel L.

Response from Bryon A. Parffrey Inspector, LLC

Samuel thank you… you are wise to have us inspect x 3 as you see many things are the same, while serious things like possible gas leaks and explosions can be found NOT on 1 & 2 but the 3rd time. Not to take lightly electrical issues can be shocking or worse even on new construction…your wise to look past the pretty cosmetics thanks for letting us help you. BRYON and Team