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There a thousands of choices when looking for a quality real estate inspector.  The top Houston real estate inspectors have many qualities that seperate them from the rest of the crowd.  The one thing to look for when selecting a company todobusiness with is longevity.  You woundn't want a bank

Houston Energy Audit

BRYON Houston Home Inspections, Houston Professional Inspector

Houston Energy Audit As a consumer I would like to recommend Bryon Parffrey's inspection services. I have hired Bryon to inspect my new home on two separate occasions; once for a property inspection and the second time for energy efficiency. I have found Bryan to be a very knowledgeable, current a

Katy Home Inspectors

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Katy Home Inspectors Bryon Parffrey asked me to tell you about his help and guidance. I could not have gone through what I did back in 2007 without his help. I had signed up with a builder in the neighborhood that cut so many corners on my new house it was unbelievable. I finally had to fire the bu